Nouvelle version de EM_Tool

Une nouvelle version de EM Tool vient de sortir, nous devons ce cadeau à Noesis membre du forum Starwraith

Beaucoup d’améliorations et quelques nouvelles fonctions redonnent à ce soft, quasi indispensable aux grandes explorations, une sorte de nouvelle jeunesse !

Ici vous pouvez télécharger la dernière version de EM_Tool (2.09) : téléchargement

Retrouvez toutes les informations concernant EM Tool sur cette page : Page EM Tool

si le liens ne fonctionne pas voici la liste des changements apportés avec cette version (copie venant du forum) :

EM_Tool Version 2.09 (changes)

* Improved performance to update display when action occurs instead of always waiting for the update time of savedata.txt file
* Extra Zoom Levels added (total of 13)
* Allowed customising Sector/Object map zoom crossover in EM_Tool.cfg
* Allowed setting a zoom level in EM_Tool.cfg where only planet names will display for the object map when zoom level is below the set level
* Changed the way Zooming after level 3 defines where to allow selected item (either searched for item or ship when follow is on) so it will not be allowed on the outer edge of the map display.
* Updated to allow « -L » and « -P » in EMTool.txt
* Mouse scroll Wheel zooms in/out one level
* Added/Changed Keyboard controls for:
Cursor keys can be used to pan the map
+/- keys zoom in/out one level
S key will jump to sector name search for box (ESC to exit without searching, ENTER will initiate the search)
X key will jump to sector coordinate search box (ESC to exit without searching, TAB to jump to next coordinate box, ENTER to initiate search)
F key will toggle follow mode on/off
N key will open notes window
L key will turn the log on/off
Function keys F9 – F12 zoom directly to corresponding zoom level
Ctrl + ` (Ctrl + Tilde Key) now Displays File Object Count (was previously F9 key)
* All map label details will show up in tool-tip when an item is hovered over with the mouse cursor.
* Left Clicking on a map item will set it’s co-ordinates in the co-ordinate search boxes
* Double Clicking on a map item will open its notes window (only when the sector map is being used for displayed zoom level)